🐺 Muslim☪ Women Should Have 4⃣ Husbands❔

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By Fråst🐺

On Sunday, Kerala HC🏤 Justice B Kamal Pasha controversially asked why Muslim☪ women could not have 4⃣ husbands. He said if men enjoyed the same privilege under the Muslim personal law, Muslim women🙍🏻 too ought to enjoy the same👍. He was addressing a seminar in Kozhikode organised by an NGO run by women lawyers. He said that Muslim☪ personal laws are heavily loaded against women🙍🏻 and blamed religious heads for favouring👍 men. Pasha said, “Religious heads should do self-introspection whether they are eligible to pronounce one-sided verdicts.” Although several Muslim-majority nations have banned🚫 the practice of polygamy👭🚶👭, it is still prevalent in 🇮🇳. He also said that opposing❌ a uniform civil code was unfair, “Even the highest court is a bit reluctant to interfere in this. Women should come forward to end this injustice.” He said that personal law was not only denying equality☯, but also women’s right to property🏠.

🔎 To know more about Muslim personal law, type: Wiki Muslim personal law.

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