🐺 Woman Jumps Off Building🏬To Escape Rape😱

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

In order to save herself from being raped😱, a young woman had jumped from the second floor of a building🏬 in Kolkata.🌆 On Sunday, the 20-yr-old woman’s boyfriend💟 and two of his friends alleged tried to rape her😱. The woman suffered a head injury🤕 but it’s deemed to be minor. The boyfriend and his accomplices have been arrested👮🏼. The incident took place in Liluah, Kolkata in the evening. The report states that she had come to meet her boyfriend, but 2⃣ of his friends were already present when she arrived. They gave her a spiked drink💉🍺 and disclosed that they wanted to have sex with her😳. They then threatened to kill🔪 her after she screamed. Immediately after that she ran to the roof and jumped off😰. Locals saw her and took her to the hospital🏥 while others caught and handed over the 3⃣ attackers to the police👮🏼.

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