🐺 The Godfather of Email📧 Passes Away💐

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By Fråst🐺

Email📧 pioneer, Raymond Tomlinson, died💐 on Saturday at the age of 74. It’s suspected that he died of a heart attack💔. Ray was inducted into the Internet🌐 Hall of Fame in 2012. He was best known for rescuing the @ symbol from being lost and the way we look at being💻 ‘online.’ He also was key🔑 in developing standards for the "From", "Subject", and date fields that we see in emails📧. His use of the @ symbol gave us the idea that the web as a geographic location🎯, rather than a state of mind – something to be surfed🏄, cruised and crawled through. Initially just used for accounting, the @ symbol now has widespread uses. It’s even called a "strudel" in Israel; in Croatia, it's a "monkey"🙉; and in Mandarin Chinese, it’s "little mouse.🐭" The internet world literally owes him one. Thanks a tonne, Ray👏❗

🔎 To know more Raymond Tomlinson about type, Wiki Raymond Tomlinson.

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