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By Fråst🐺

Astronaut💫 Scott Kelly arrived in Houston🌆 on Thursday morning, but there was something different about him. He was about 5⃣cms taller than when he left last year for the International Space Station😯. Freaky? It’s actually completely normal. When in space🌌, without the full strength of gravity acting on one’s body, there’s no force👇 pressing on gell-filled discs between the vertebrae. This leaves them free to expand💢 and lengthen the spine. However, the effect is temporary, so it’s not really a solution if you’re vertically challenged. Some of you mightn’t know this but Scott has an identical twin, Mark Kelly👯, who’s a retired astronaut💫. One of the first people Scott met was Mark. who is now visibly shorter than Scott. NASA💫 had deliberately rocketed the 2⃣ astronauts because they wanted to study the effects of space on the Human body.

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