Sunny's Family has Disowned Her😞

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Actress Sunny☀️ Leone has come a long way in the Bollywood industry🙌 and although she is one of the most googled👀 people in India🇮🇳, her fame and success have come at a cost😶. Sunny recently opened up and said that she has learnt to be a courageous👊 person because of the situations she has been through in her life😔. She said, "My (relatives) don't speak to me anymore. They don't like me at all and that's very sad. All of India accepted me, other than my blood family."😞 Sunny also said that her real family is her husband❤️, brother, Daniel's parents and her friends👌. These are the people that have stuck with her in good and bad times☺️.

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Original Image Credit: IANS