Mountaineer to Scale Everest for Deepika🗻

  |   Deepika Padukone / Bollywood

Mountaineer🗻 David Liano, who is the first man to double summit, Mount Everest🗻 from both Nepal and Tibet sides is all set to scale the mountain again but this time,🙌 it is for Deepika Padukone☺️. The climber has teamed up with Deepika's foundation "Live Love Laugh" to spread awareness on mental health👌. David has climbed the Everest 5⃣ times so far and he wants to do it again under the banner of the foundation. David said🔊, "Climbing Mount Everest is a huge challenge, but it doesn't compare with the tough times that people with depression or mental illness go through."👊

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Original Image Credit: IANS