✨Maha Shivaratri✨: Legends📖

✨Lord Shiva and Parvati’s union❤
According to the Hindu mythology, Maha Shivaratri is the day when Shiva and Parvati united as one❤. Their union is represented as one of the forms of Goddess✨Shakti (ArdhaNarishwar). However, it is said that due to the Tandava (destructive dance) performed by 🝑 Lord Shiva, the world 🌏 was going to end 💥 . Parvati worshiped 🙏 her husband to save the world 🌏 by stopping ❌ the Tandava.

🔵 Neelkanth
Shiva saved the world from the disastrous effects of a poison 💀 that emerged from the churning of the sea🌊 (Samudra manthan). ✨Lord Shiva consumed the poison💀 in its entirety. By way of his yogic powers🙏, he halted the poison in his throat. This is why representations of ✨Lord Shiva portray him with 🔵a blue neck, and/or head. Shivratri is celebrated to honour 🔵 Lord Shiva on this day for consuming the poison and saving the world🌏

🏹 Legend Of A Hunter:
A hunter 🏹 in Varanasi named Suswara was in search👀 of prey and found a deer🐐. When he was about to kill it, he noticed that the family of the deer was very sad😢 for its impending death💥. He, sympathetically, decided not to kill❌ it. As night fell🌚, in his hunger, he climbed up a Bael tree🌳 to find shelter sleep😴. Unwittingly, he had worshipped Lord Shiva🙏, his water bottle had leaked 💧 onto a Shivalinga🛎 under the tree, and he had dropped 🍃Bael leaves🌿 onto it. Also, he had fasted and abstained from killing❌ innocent lives, whereby he obtained freedom from his sins . Thus, the hunter Suswara got the Lord Shiva's blessings🙌 and and became a devotee 🙏 of Lord Shiva.

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