🐎 Indrani Coverup❓ Did Mikhail Kill🔪 Sheena Bora❓ 😱

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Fresh revelations💬 have been made in the Sheena Bora murder case🔪 by the siblings of Peter Mukerjea, the husband of the accused Indrani Mukerjea. Peter's siblings, Gautam and Shagun Mukerjea have revealed the details of the conversation between Indrani and Peter when he visited her in jail.
Sheena Bora was Indrani's daughter👧 from an earlier marriage and was reported to have been missing for around 3⃣ years before Indrani was arrested for her murder😳 in August 2015. Her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna and her driver were also arrested😯.
Now, it seems Indrani confessed to Peter that it was Mikhail, her son from a previous marriage, who killed🔪 Sheena and she only disposed of the body to protect Mikhail😟. They have also accused Indrani of having an extra-marital affair👄 with Sanjeev Khanna while she was married to Peter. They also asserted that not a single statement from about 250 witnesses has proved Peter's involvement in the case👍.

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