Nana Addo👔: Ghana🇬🇭 @59, There is Hope👍🏻

  |   Ghana News

Nana Akufo-Addo👔, the NPP's flagbearer criticized😕 the “poor state of Ghana” as the nation marked🎉 its 59th Independence anniversary yesterday. He, however, urged🙏🏻 the citizenry not to despair and lose hope😔 in the nation's ability to come good for her citizens. He admonished Ghanaians🇬🇭 that in order to make it work, there is the need for unity, right decisions👍🏻 and change in leadership. Nana Addo said that he failed😕 to see the reason why Ghana🇬🇭, blessed with every resource and great💪🏻 manpower, will still be plunged in such an abysmal😰 state. “It is unfortunate, however, that fifty-nine (59) years after gaining our independence, Ghana, a country blessed with an abundance of human and natural resources, is in a crisis. God did not put us on this rich land to be poor. It is bad leadership that makes us poor.”

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