Prez Mahama👔 on Ghana🇬🇭 @59🎉

  |   Ghana News

President John Mahama👔 has called for unity and the contribution💪🏻 of every citizen to the development of the nation. Speaking at the 59th anniversary🎉 of Ghana’s independence at the Black Star Square in Accra, Prez Mahama👔 said: "the successes and failures of this nation belong to all of us because this country belongs to all of us.” The President admitted👍🏻 that although the country has undergone an appreciable🙌🏻 level of development, there remains much more work💪🏻 to be done. He acknowledged👍🏻 the difference in political views of each citizen but stressed that it must strengthen💪🏻 us to find solutions to the challenges that face us. Prez Mahama👔 admonished Ghanaians🇬🇭 not to encourage activities that will limit👌🏻 our potential in this particular moment but aspire🙏🏻 to greater heights. “We cannot afford to cut off our nose to spite our face not when so many have sacrificed so much for us to succeed…”

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