New Regulations for US🇺🇸 ✈Vessels⛴

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By Fråst🐺

After almost a decade of negotiations, 🇮🇳 has finally agreed✅ to allow US🇺🇸 warships and aircraft to refuel⛽ and restock water💦, food and other supplies📦 at Indian defence bases. The vessels will soon require only a one-time clearance✅; currently, they have to seek permission each time there is a US🇺🇸 requirement. US🇺🇸 warships on a humanitarian relief operation will be given assistance throughout the duration of their operation after a single request for support. 🇮🇳 can also avail of US🇺🇸 facilities when required. A new Logistics and Support Agreement📜 will allow the two militaries to use each other's land, air and naval bases for resupplies, repair🔧 and rest. The text of the agreement will be finalised in the next few months. The last UPA✋ Govt. wouldn’t sign the agreement earlier as 🇮🇳would be seen as a partner to the US🇺🇸 military and endanger 🇮🇳's independent foreign policy.

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