US🇺🇸 Defence Secy. on 🇵🇰 & 🇮🇳

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By Fråst🐺

On Tuesday US🇺🇸 Defence Secretary Ashton Carter said that the US🇺🇸, like 🇮🇳, has also “suffered from terrorism emanating from territory of Pakistan, most significantly in Afghanistan.” Carter was addressing a joint press conference👥 with Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar. Carter supported👏 India’s counter-terrorism🚫☠ efforts and condemned terrorism emanating from any place in 🇮🇳. Carter also explained the US relations with Pakistan🇵🇰 saying that they valued it and pursued it with interest. He also clarified that they “have no intention in conflict between India and Pakistan in any way." He said that the principal interest in working with Pakistan🇵🇰 is on terrorism ☠– the same concern that 🇮🇳shares. Carter also said that “it is a thing of the past for us to think about India only in relation to Pakistan or Pakistan in only relation to India. That's the distant past."

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