Modi✌ to Launch Farmers👳🏼 Market Platform

  |   PM Modi News / India News

By Fråst🐺

This week PM Modi✌ will launch an online national agricultural products market platform to integrate 585 Indian wholesale markets. The platform’s intent is to double❌2⃣ farmers’ incomes💰 by 2022 by providing more options to farmers👳🏼 to sell their products🌿. Agriculture Ministe🌱r Radha Mohan Singh said💬, “The Prime Minister will launch the e-platform for marketing of agri products on 14 April. It will roll out to 200 mandis by September this year.” Last year in July, the Cabinet approved✅ an online national agriculture market with a budget of ₹200 cr💰. As of now, there is a restriction on selling produce at mandis that charge various taxes💲. The online agri-market will give them the choice to sell in physical mandis or online💻. This will likely boost📈 their incomes and improve availability. Modi✌ also added the Soil Health Card (SHC) scheme which aims to promote soil testing🔬 and use fertilisers in a balanced manner to attain high crop yields📈.

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