Virat & Anushka Are Back😳… We Think🤔

By Fråst🐺

Both Bollywood🎥 and the cricket world were shocked😱 as fans around the country🇮🇳 found out that Virat and Anushka broke up💔. And Just as we were getting used to the idea, Virat’s knight-in-shining-armour move💪 gave us a little hope when some bad-mouthed👅 Anushka. But just a few days ago, the 2⃣ stars were seen leaving Salman Khan’s💪 house after a party🎉. So, for now, it looks like they’re back together… or so it seems. Recently Virat’s fan shared a picture📸 of the star wearing a Superman & Wonder Woman t-shirt. The shirt may have been a subtle suggestion💭 to the world as it had the caption: “We were on a break”
Dammit, Virat❗ Would you make the patch-up official already⁉

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