Aamir’s ‘Dangal’🎥 Exercise🏋 Plan

  |   Bollywood / Aamir Khan

By Fråst🐺

We’ve all been hearing about Aamir’s recent diet🍲 & exercise 💪plan for his upcoming movie Dangal🎥. Let’s take a closer look at it; shall we?
Most of his training was done in Arizona, USA.🇺🇸 He would begin his schedule at 6.30 am to 8.30 am (2 hours) with an 8 mile walk🏃 followed by breakfast🍏. Then he’d play some Tennis🎾 at 10 am, lunch🍜 at noon and work out with heavy weights🏋 at 2 pm. This would then be followed by some more tennis🎾 at 4 pm and a swim🏊 at 5 pm. Dinner was scheduled at 7 pm and sleep😴 would follow at 8pm.
With regard to his diet, Aamir is a total vegan😐, meaning that along with becoming a vegetarian🌾, he doesn’t have milk🍶 or milk products🧀. It’s not surprising that his Dangal character is also a vegetarian😜. Those are his perfectionist😎 tendencies talking and who knows he may go back to eating meat soon after the movie’s🎥 out.

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