FB Messenger💬 Launches Bot🤖 Platform📹:https://goo.gl/87uGQ2

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By Fråst🐺

As expected, Facebook👤 announced new tools🔧 for developers to build bots inside FB which will add several new functions to the Messenger💬 app. This can make Messenger a primary channel for businesses 🏢 to interact with their customers and replace 1-800 numbers☎. The tools will include an API which can be used to build chat bots💬 for Messenger and chat widgets for the web. All of this was revealed at Facebook’s F8 developer conference👥. The bot platform is open to the media which can allow publishers to message their users directly with news📰 and other information. Mark Zuckerberg showed bots from CNN🗞 and 1-800-FLOWERS🌻 as a demo. The CNN bot sent out new stories which became personalized over time. The Flowers🌻 bot interacted with a person ordering flowers using conventional language.
Check out Mark😎 at the F8 conference here📹: https://goo.gl/87uGQ2

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