Now Record Profile Videos📹 for FB‼

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By Fråst🐺

Facebook👤 has just launched the Facebook Profile Expression Kit📦 at the F8 conference👥. The kit gives third-party developers an ability to send videos📹 as Facebook profile pictures📸. Companies like Instagram📷, Cinemagraph Pro & MSQRD🐯 are partnering with FB and working on the service. Boomerang, Vine🌱, Lollicam & BeautyPlus too are in on the Kit📦. Whenever a video from their service is posted as a profile picture the developers also get attribution within the News Feed📰. Around 70% of mobile is expected to be video📹 in the next few years and FB👤 sure wants a piece of that cake. This will make profile pictures more engaging, and encourage users👥 to engage further with Facebook. Facebook, you internet pimp, you😋❗

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