FB & WhatsApp: 60 Bn📩 Per Day❕

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By Fråst🐺

At the F8 developers conference Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg😎 that the FB Messenger🗯 app was the company’s fastest-growing platform📈 in 2015. It is also the second most popular messaging app on iOS📱 globally. Last year FB Messenger🗯 had around 700 M monthly active users👥, in Jan that number went up to 800 M and today it’s at 900 M💥. Messengers growth has outpaced other FB properties like WhatsApp💬 and Instagram📷. Mark also said that, at 60 billion messages📩 a day, Facebook Messenger🗯 and WhatsApp💬 combined have three times the global volume of activity compared to that of SMS📨 messages.

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