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By Fråst🐺

Everyone’s talking about chat bots🤖! Even though bots have been around for a while, now that Facebook’s👤 added it to Messenger💬, the future is set. Literally everything will be done using bots🤖, maybe even more effectively👍. Initially bots will just be an interface that can ‘talk’🗣 to users, but eventually they’ll be developed using AI💡. Microsoft and FB are both working on advanced AI which will give bots🤖 more personality🙋🏻 and comprehension💡. Companies no longer have the manpower to talk to users😒, which is why they’ve invented those annoying phone trees🌿😝. Bots are a lot less annoying to work with, let’s just hope the world doesn’t mess this up though🙏.
Check out this video📹 on how bots can be used to buy a burger🍔: https://goo.gl/XRo7Ro

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