Zuckerberg😎 Against 🐷Trump📹: https://goo.gl/HfyUVJ

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By Fråst🐺

There was a tiny ‘politically tense cloud’🌩 at Facebook’s F8 Developers👓 conference. Mark Zuckerberg took a moment to reveal his dislike👎 for Trump’s🐷 views on immigration. He says💬, “I hear fearful voices talking about building walls. If the world starts to turn inwards, then our community will just have to work harder to bring people together.” He said that it was Facebook’s👤 mission to connect🔌 and not divide💥. Mark said💬, “Instead of building walls, we can help build bridges. Instead of dividing people, we can help bring them together." This was obviously a response to Trump’s🐷 promise to build a wall along the Mexican🇲🇱 border and mass deportation of millions of illegal immigrants👥. However, Zuckerberg has also come under fire🔥 for more open immigration policies through a public interest group called Fwd.us, which has been criticized👎 as bad for American workers by Trump🐷 as well as others. Watch his statement here📹: https://goo.gl/HfyUVJ

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