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  |   Golden Temple Hukamnama

Ang: 796

Such is the Name of the Immaculate, Divine Lord. I am just a beggar; You are invisible and unknowable. ||1||Pause|| Love of Maya is like a cursed woman, ugly, dirty and promiscuous. Power and beauty are false, and last for only a few days. But when one is blessed with the Naam, the darkness within is illuminated. ||2|| I tasted Maya and renounced it, and now, I have no doubts. One whose father is known, cannot be illegitimate. One who belongs to the One Lord, has no fear. The Creator acts, and causes all to act. ||3|| One who dies in the Word of the Shabad conquers his mind, through his mind. Keeping his mind restrained, he enshrines the True Lord within his heart. He does not know any other, and he is a sacrifice to the Guru. O Nanak, attuned to the Naam, he is emancipated. ||4||3|| Bilaaval, First Mehl: Through the Word of the Guru's Teachings, the mind intuitively meditates on the Lord. Imbued with the Lord's Love, the mind is satisfied. The insane, self-willed manmukhs wander around, deluded by doubt. Without the Lord, how can anyone survive? Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, He is realized. ||1|| Without the Blessed Vision of His Darshan, how can I live, O my mother? Without the Lord, my soul cannot survive, even for an instant; the True Guru has helped me understand this. ||1||Pause|| Forgetting my God, I die in pain. With each breath and morsel of food, I meditate on my Lord, and seek Him. I remain always detached, but I am enraptured with the Lord's Name. Now, as Gurmukh, I know that the Lord is always with me. ||2|| The Unspoken Speech is spoken, by the Will of the Guru. He shows us that God is unapproachable and unfathomable. Without the Guru, what lifestyle could we practice, and what work could we do? Eradicating egotism, and walking in harmony with the Guru's Will, I am absorbed in the Word of the Shabad. ||3|| The self-willed manmukhs are separated from the Lord, gathering false wealth. The Gurmukhs are celebrated with the glory of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. The Lord has showered His Mercy upon me, and made me the slave of His slaves. The Name of the Lord is the wealth and capital of servant Nanak. ||4||4|| Bilaaval, Third Mehl, First House: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: Cursed, cursed is the food; cursed, cursed is the sleep; cursed, cursed are the clothes worn on the body. Cursed is the body, along with family and friends, when one does not find his Lord and Master in this life. He misses the step of the ladder, and this opportunity will not come into his hands again; his life is wasted, uselessly. ||1|| The love of duality does not allow him to lovingly focus his attention on the Lord; he forgets the Feet of the Lord. O Life of the World, O Great Giver, you eradicate the sorrows of your humble servants. ||1||Pause|| You are Merciful, O Great Giver of Mercy; what are these poor beings? All are liberated or placed into bondage by You; this is all one can say. One who becomes Gurmukh is said to be liberated, while the poor self-willed manmukhs are in bondage. ||2|| He alone is liberated, who lovingly focuses his attention on the One Lord, always dwelling with the Lord. His depth and condition cannot be described. The True Lord Himself embellishes him.

Ang: 797

Those who wander around, deluded by doubt, are called manmukhs; they are neither on this side, nor on the other side. ||3|| That humble being, who is blessed by the Lord's Glance of Grace obtains Him, and contemplates the Word of the Guru's Shabad. In the midst of Maya, the Lord's servant is emancipated. O Nanak, one who has such destiny inscribed upon his forehead, conquers and destroys death. ||4||1|| Bilaaval, Third Mehl: How can the unweighable be weighed? If there is anyone else as great, then he alone could understand the Lord. There is no other than Him. How can His value be estimated? ||1|| By Guru's Grace, He comes to dwell in the mind. One comes to know Him, when duality departs. ||1||Pause|| He Himself is the Assayer, applying the touch-stone to test it. He Himself analyzes the coin, and He Himself approves it as currency. He Himself weights it perfectly. He alone knows; He is the One and Only Lord. ||2|| All the forms of Maya emanate from Him. He alone becomes pure and immaculate, who is united with the Lord. He alone is attached, whom the Lord attaches. All Truth is revealed to him, and then, he merges in the True Lord. ||3|| He Himself leads the mortals to focus on Him, and He Himself causes them to chase after Maya. He Himself imparts understanding, and He reveals Himself. He Himself is the True Guru, and He Himself is the Word of the Shabad. O Nanak, He Himself speaks and teaches. ||4||2|| Bilaaval, Third Mehl: My Lord and Master has made me His servant, and blessed me with His service; how can anyone argue about this? Such is Your play, One and Only Lord; You are the One, contained among all. ||1|| When the True Guru is pleased and appeased, one is absorbed in the Lord's Name. One who is blessed by the Lord's Mercy, finds the True Guru; night and day, he automatically remains focused on the Lord's meditation. ||1||Pause|| How can I serve You? How can I be proud of this? When You withdraw Your Light, O Lord and Master, then who can speak and teach? ||2|| You Yourself are the Guru, and You Yourself are the chaylaa, the humble disciple; You Yourself are the treasure of virtue. As You cause us to move, so do we move, according to the Pleasure of Your Will, O Lord God. ||3|| Says Nanak, You are the True Lord and Master; who can know Your actions? Some are blessed with glory in their own homes, while others wander in doubt and pride. ||4||3|| Bilaaval, Third Mehl: The perfect Lord has fashioned the Perfect Creation. Behold the Lord pervading everywhere. In this play of the world, is the glorious greatness of the True Name. No one should take pride in himself. ||1|| One who accepts the wisdom of the True Guru's Teachings, is absorbed into the True Guru. The Lord's Name abides deep within the nucleus of one who realizes the Bani of the Guru's Word within his soul. ||1||Pause|| Now, this is the essence of the teachings of the four ages: for the human race, the Name of the One Lord is the greatest treasure. Celibacy, self-discipline and pilgrimages were the essence of Dharma in those past ages; but in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, the Praise of the Lord's Name is the essence of Dharma. ||2|| Each and every age has its own essence of Dharma; study the Vedas and the Puraanas, and see this as true. They are Gurmukh, who meditate on the Lord, Har, Har; in this world, they are perfect and approved. ||3||