🚫No 👌Compliments for Kat⁉️

  |   Bollywood / Katrina Kaif

The 🌏world was 😍drooling over Katrina Kaif when she 🎭performed at the 🏏IPL opening ceremony. Kat flaunted her 'ab fab abs' in a long sleeved crop top and skintight leather pants with a fringe at the waist. Kat credits Yasmin Karachiwala, her personal trainer, for her perfect 👙 physique. Of her fitness routine, Kat said 🔊“I had an injury a year back, and it took me a while to work through it. I wanted to get into a particular shape for my next film. Staying fit is important for me because it helps me physically as well as mentally.” When Kat was asked if anybody 👌 praised her for her IPL opening ceremony look, she 😆 laughed and said 🔊 “I never get compliments.”

We'll give you a compliment, right here, right now, Kat❗️ You're pretty darn 🔥HOT❗️

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