Will 🇮🇳 Ban🚫 WhatsApp💬⁉

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By Fråst🐺

WhatsApp’s recent encryption🔢 feature is actually illegal😐 in 🇮🇳 as it doesn’t adhere to the Indian telecom rules📜. This could result in a prohibition🚫 of WhatsApp. As per the rules, online services are only permitted✅ to use up to 40-bit encryption😒 and if they want to use higher encryption standards, they need to get the govt’s approval✅. WhatsApp is using a 256-bit key🔑 for encryption making it illegal to use WhatsApp💬 in 🇮🇳. The new feature is automatic and doesn’t require a user to do a thing to activate or deactivate it for that matter. WhatsApp💬 is currently facing encryption problems in Brazil🇧🇷 which has arrested their Facebook executive👔 because FB👤 was unable to crack a user’s encrypted messages. Most encryption technologies use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption which basically gives a key🔑 to both the messaging parties. This allows only those 2⃣ parties to encrypt and decrypt messages making it almost impossible for a third party to do so.

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