1⃣ Lakh Police👮🏼 Monitor WB Elections🗳

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

West Bengal begins its third phase of polling🗳 which will be for 62 seats💺, including 7⃣ in Kolkata. Security👮🏼 is strong in the state with 714 companies of 75K CRPF 💂🏼 men in areas with a ballot box🗳, doing route marches to bring a sense of security to voters👥. In Kolkata, there are 61 companies, 261 in Murshidabad, 198 in Burdwan, and 194 in Nadia. 25K state police👮🏼 personnel join the CPRF💂🏼 as they are not conversant with the local language🗣 and will help in managing the queues👥; one state police for every CPRF mobile unit. There are currently 1,283 sectoral force teams, 194 mobile response teams, 190 flying squads and 197 static surveillance🔎 teams. Digital cameras📹 are being used in many critical polling stations to monitor the situation. Just before the polls, authorities have seized ₹9⃣ lakh worth of liquor🍻, 450 illegal arms🔫, 529 pieces of ammunition, 2,624 bombs💣 and around 350 kg of explosives💥.

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