Chrome🎨 Reaches Critical Milestone🙌

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By Fråst🐺

Chrome🎨 was initially launched to users to provide a fast🐎, simple and secure🔐 internet web browser – which is still its mission👊 to this very day. That being said, G👀gle Chrome has just reached a major milestone🙌. They’ve just made their 50th release‼ Although they’re humbled☺ by it, they know that there’s still much more to do. Especially after the shift to mobile and providing people with great experiences via mobile internet for the first time. Here are some funky stats📊 from the company. Chrome🎨 gets 1⃣ bn users 👥on mobile each month, 771 bn pages loaded each month, thanks to autocomplete more than 500 bn characters don’t get typed👇 each month. Thanks to Chrome's data-saving features, more than 2⃣ M Gb of data💾 is saved each month.
There’s more, check out this infographic from them🔗:

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