🇮🇳 Fails at World Media🎥 Freedom

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By Fråst🐺

A report by 🇫🇷Paris-based Reporters🎤 Without Borders said that 🇮🇳 figured very low and ranked at 133 of 180 nations😳 in the latest press freedom index📊. The index measures media pluralism, independence, the legal framework and the safety of journalists in 180 nations. They accused PM Modi✌ of being “indifferent” to threats against the media which has suffered a “deep and disturbing decline” caused by governmental pressure😠 and private-sector interests. The report said that journalists🎤 and bloggers✍ are attacked and "anathematised by various religious groups that are quick to take offence," pointing out to growing right-wing extremism👺 in India. Regions like Kashmir are regarded as sensitive🔐 by the governmen😥t and hard for journalists to cover. The report said that there was no mechanism ⚙to protect journalists and Modi✌ seemed indifferent to them. The report also said that Modi✌ wants to increase control of media coverage and hopes to open a university of journalism🏤 run by propaganda officials.

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