FB Messenger💬 Gets VoIP Call📞 Feature

  |   Tech News

By Fråst🐺

Facebook Messenger💬 will soon launch their latest feature – VoIP audio📞 calls. The calls can be made from any group chat👥, just tap the phone icon📞, select the group chat members you want and they’ll get a request to a join group chat message📨. If you miss the initial call, you can tap the phone icon📞 to join it if it’s still in progress. You can see👀 who’s on the call and add people to it as well. There’s a limit of 50 participants👥 per call. It also has a dynamic muting🔇 which quietens background noise of people who aren’t talking during the call. Facebook👤 also says that group video calling is also on the table, but they’re still working🔧 on it.

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