Salman Khan

Salman a Fan of Anushka☺️

Anushka Sharma has a new fan👏 and it is none other than her 🎥"Sultan" co-star Salman💪 Khan. This was the first time that Sallu was working with Anushka and Salman can't stop raving about Anushka🙌. A source revealed that Salman has been telling everyone who impressed😍 he is with her …

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Sallu to Play😈 in Dhoom 4 & Race 3❓

Salman💪 Khan is known for his lover-boy😍 roles that he has played over the years however, Sallu now wants to take a different route🔄 as far as his roles are concerned. Word is that Salman is keen on playing the villain😈 in 🎥"Dhoom 4" and 🎥"Race 3". Sallu wants to …

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How Do the 3⃣ Khans Dance💃

Madhuri Dixit has had the opportunity to dance💃 with the 3⃣ Khans of Bollywood🙌. Madhuri shared what it was like dancing with each of them and how all 3⃣ are unique in their own way. Madhuri said🔊," Salman is a good dancer but he has evolved. When I look at …

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