Virat on Sallu's Rio Appointment❗️

  |   India News / Salman Khan / Bollywood

Everyone has an opinion on whether Salman💪 Khan should be the goodwill ambassador to the contingent in the Indian Olympic Association🙌. Recently Virat Kohli was asked his opinion📢 about this whole issue. Virat very wisely said🔊, "That’s not for me to comment on when I don’t know the details. It won’t be proper for me to comment on this platform." Virat was also asked which of the 3⃣ soon-to-be-released biopics🎥 on cricketers🏏 is he looking forward to. Sachin, Azharuddin, and Dhoni? He said🔊, "Everyone knows who I idolised as a kid. He will always remain my idol because of who I came into cricket. I am very eagerly looking forward to the biopic on Sachin Tendulkar. I have idolised him. That will be something which will be very interesting (to watch).”🙌

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