PeeCee & Deepika in Kangana's Emails📧

The Hrithik and Kangana battle👊 is far from over. It has brought to light💡 several hidden secrets that these actors had and it is not one bit pretty😒. Kangana's personal emails📧 were leaked which served as a testimony to Hrithik's claims made to the police👮. We now have 2⃣ fresh emails from Kangana to Hrithik and in this one she has even dragged Deepika, Sonam and Priyanka into the controversy😶. The first mail by Kangana said🔊, "As per your suggestion I have complained to the cyber crime department and they took all the data from my email account...they will find out who is this person who is accessing my mail. Everything will be ok." So in this mail it looks like they did have some sort of communication. However, in the next mail she said🔊, "Why don’t you mail me? Why don’t you talk to me at all? As a lover I never get any attention from you but you have cut all the ties with me a friend also. Can’t you even text me and say hi or say thanks for my response to your song? You didn’t come for my b’day you never talk about my work or even that fact that I exist. You propagate Priyanka, Deepika, Sonam’s work, why such a partiality with me?” Well, we don't know what to make of these conversations.🙄 Kangana still has to respond to all of this in her statement with the cops👮 on April 30.

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