Hrithik Wants a Clean Chit With ❌ Investigation

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The Hrithik and Kangana scandal👊 always has new twists to it. Kangana continues to maintain that her account has been hacked and any evidence from these emails📧, in this case, remain speculative. Kangana's lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui reiterated that the emails allegedly sent by her to Hrithik after May 2014🗓 should not be treated as genuine until Kangana verifies them. He further said that Hrithik knew full well that Kangana's emails were hacked prior to 25th May 2014. Kangana's lawyer also said that Hrithik is circulating a private cyber forensic report📝 which has been paid💰 by him and is obviously favouring him. Hrithik wants a clean chit without any investigation but Kangana wants this to be sorted out. Kangana's lawyer has asked some important questions. Take a look👀.

🔹 When his name, image and reputation were at stake, when he was accused of hacking my client's emails, being in a relationship with her and charged of sending her a lot of stuff in the last 6 months, then how can there be an imposter? When this was the situation on 24 May 2014, then why did he not bother finding out exactly what stuff was sent by the imposter to my client?

🔹 Also, why did he not bother clearing his name by immediately filing a complaint against the imposter, as my client was always more than willing to participate in the complaint?

🔹 Why did Hrithik file a complaint belatedly without the knowledge of my client after almost 7 months, after he had collected sufficient one-sided unreliable and fabricated emails from my client’s hacked emails account/s?

🔹Why did he lie to the police and to the media that he gained knowledge of an imposter from his fans and from people within the industry, when he was legally required to bring out the truth and was dutifully required to name my client in the complaint as was suggested by her through her sister?

🔹 Why did he not authenticate these emails (as now referred to and relied upon) with my client when he knew fully well that her accounts were hacked and therefore all emails received from her are legally, morally and ethically subject to verification ? On what grounds has he circulated such unreliable and fabricated emails to the media and Police to defend himself?

🔹On what grounds does he claim that any fabricated email received by my client’s hacked account which talks about any mental or physical problem, is genuine and on these basis what is he trying to prove to the world?

🔹Why did he lie in his notice that he does not know my client socially at all ?

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