30 Years Since Chernobyl☢ Meltdown💥

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By Fråst🐺

Tuesday marks the 30th-anniversary💐 of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster💥 in Ukraine🇺🇦. Sirens🚨 were sounded at the same moment as the first explosion💥 early morning on 26 April 1986, marking one of the worst nuclear☢ disasters in history when a radioactive☢ cloud☁ spread across parts of northern and eastern Europe🌐. A memorial service🙏 was held in Slavutych, a town which was built to house the workers who lived near the plant. Ukraine’s🇺🇦 President Petro Poroshenko will attend a ceremony💐 near the site while a church💒 service will be held in the capital Kiev for the victim’s families👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. Nearby areas like Pripyat🌌, which were inhabited by Chernobyl workers, are now derelict and overgrown as they were abandoned after the incident😨. These areas still show high amounts📈 of radioactivity☢, and towns in particular regions of the country still report abnormally high amounts of birth defects👶🏻 and cancer🦀.

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