Obama👦🏾: VR🕶 is a Brave New World🌍

  |   Tech News

By Fråst🐺

Obama🇺🇸 and German🇩🇪 Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the industrial technology trade fair 🏟in Hanover, Germany this weekend and tried on some virtual reality headsets🕶. An impressed😮 Obama simply called the technology would usher in a “brave new world.” He tried out what’s called as the Pico Flexx VR headset🕶, from PMD Tech🔧, which calls itself the world’s smallest 3D camera📹 system. The camera creates a 3D point cloud☁ of the environment in front of the headset which allows the user to add hand-tracking👋 to their mobile virtual reality experiences. PMD is G👀gle’s partner for Project Tango and works on depth-sensing technology🔧.

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