Darpa🇺🇸 to Create Unhackable🚫🔓 Messenger

  |   Tech News

By Fråst🐺

The advanced technologies🔧 arm of the US🇺🇸 Department of Defense, Darpa, has sent out an invitation💌 to “create a secure messaging and transaction platform accessible via a web browser or standalone native application.” They want to use the app for the military🔫 for communications📡 between troops and bases, and also to implement the platform commercially🤔. However, it doesn’t specify that the service will be for consumers’👥 use, so one shouldn’t exactly assume it as such. Darpa’s invitation requests an encrypted🔒 service using a universal record💾 of all activities on a service maintained by users👥, thereby preventing any tampering👀 with the system, similar to Bitcoin💰. Surprisingly, Darpa seems to be moving against the flow of the FBI 🕵which wants to control encryption🔐. If successful, Darpa’s technology could seriously change the way we look at instant messaging📩.

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