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  |   Golden Temple Hukamnama

Ang: 577

Says Nanak, I am a sacrifice to such a humble being. O Lord, You bless all with Your bountiful blessings. ||2|| When it pleases You, then I am satisfied and satiated. My mind is soothed and calmed, and all my thirst is quenched. My mind is soothed and calmed, the burning has ceased, and I have found so many treasures. All the Sikhs and servants partake of them; I am a sacrifice to my True Guru. I have become fearless, imbued with the Love of my Lord Master, and I have shaken off the fear of death. Slave Nanak, Your humble servant, lovingly embraces Your meditation; O Lord, be with me always. ||3|| My hopes and desires have been fulfilled, O my Lord. I am worthless, without virtue; all virtues are Yours, O Lord. All virtues are Yours, O my Lord and Master; with what mouth should I praise You? You did not consider my merits and demerits; you forgave me in an instant. I have obtained the nine treasures, congratulations are pouring in, and the unstruck melody resounds. Says Nanak, I have found my Husband Lord within my own home, and all my anxiety is forgotten. ||4||1|| Shalok: Why do you listen to falsehood? It shall vanish like a gust of wind. O Nanak, those ears are acceptable, which listen to the True Master. ||1|| Chhant: I am a sacrifice to those who listen with their ears to the Lord God. Blissful and comfortable are those, who with their tongues chant the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. They are naturally embellished, with priceless virtues; they have come to save the world. God's Feet are the boat, which carries so many across the terrifying world-ocean. Those who are blessed with the favor of my Lord and Master, are not asked to render their account. Says Nanak, I am a sacrifice to those who listen to God with their ears. ||1|| Shalok: With my eyes, I have seen the Light of the Lord, but my great thirst is not quenched. O Nanak, those eyes are different, which behold my Husband Lord. ||1|| Chhant: I am a sacrifice to those who have seen the Lord God. In the True Court of the Lord, they are approved. They are approved by their Lord and Master, and acclaimed as supreme; they are imbued with the Lord's Love. They are satiated with the sublime essence of the Lord, and they merge in celestial peace; in each and every heart, they see the all-pervading Lord. They alone are the friendly Saints, and they alone are happy, who are pleasing to their Lord and Master. Says Nanak, I am forever a sacrifice to those who have seen the Lord God. ||2|| Shalok: The body is blind, totally blind and desolate, without the Naam. O Nanak, fruitful is the life of that being, within whose heart the True Lord and Master abides. ||1|| Chhant: I am cut into pieces as a sacrifice, to those who have seen my Lord God. His humble servants partake of the Sweet Ambrosial Nectar of the Lord, Har, Har, and are satiated. The Lord seems sweet to their minds; God is merciful to them, His Ambrosial Nectar rains down upon them, and they are at peace. Pain is eliminated and doubt is dispelled from the body; chanting the Name of the Lord of the World, their victory is celebrated. They are rid of emotional attachment, their sins are erased, and their association with the five passions is broken off.

Ang: 578

Says Nanak, I am every bit a sacrifice to those, within whose hearts my Lord God abides. ||3|| Shalok: Those who long for the Lord, are said to be His servants. Nanak knows this Truth, that the Lord is not different from His Saint. ||1|| Chhant: As water mixes and blends with water, so does one's light mix and blend with the Lord's Light. Merging with the perfect, all-powerful Creator, one comes to know his own self. Then, he enters the celestial state of absolute Samaadhi, and speaks of the One and Only Lord. He Himself is unmanifest, and He Himself is liberated; He Himself speaks of Himself. O Nanak, doubt, fear and the limitations of the three qualities are dispelled, as one merges into the Lord, like water blending with water. ||4||2|| Wadahans, Fifth Mehl: God is the all-powerful Creator, the Cause of causes. He preserves the whole world, reaching out with His hand. He is the all-powerful, safe Sanctuary, Lord and Master, Treasure of mercy, Giver of peace. I am a sacrifice to Your slaves, who recognize only the One Lord. His color and shape cannot be seen; His description is indescribable. Prays Nanak, hear my prayer, O God, Almighty Creator, Cause of causes. ||1|| These beings are Yours; You are their Creator. God is the Destroyer of pain, suffering and doubt. Eliminate my doubt, pain and suffering in an instant, and preserve me, O Lord, Merciful to the meek. You are mother, father and friend, O Lord and Master; the whole world is Your child, O Lord of the World. One who comes seeking Your Sanctuary, obtains the treasure of virtue, and does not have to enter the cycle of birth and death again. Prays Nanak, I am Your slave. All beings are Yours; You are their Creator. ||2|| Meditating on the Lord, twenty-four hours a day, the fruits of the heart's desires are obtained. Your heart's desires are obtained, meditating on God, and the fear of death is dispelled. I sing of the Lord of the Universe in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, and my hopes are fulfilled. Renouncing egotism, emotional attachment and all corruption, we become pleasing to the Mind of God. Prays Nanak, day and night, meditate forever on the Lord, Har, Har. ||3|| At the Lord's Door, the unstruck melody resounds. In each and every heart, the Lord, the Lord of the Universe, sings. The Lord of the Universe sings, and abides forever; He is unfathomable, profoundly deep, lofty and exalted. His virtues are infinite - none of them can be described. No one can reach Him. He Himself creates, and He Himself sustains; all beings and creatures are fashioned by Him. Prays Nanak, happiness comes from devotional worship of the Naam; at His Door, the unstruck melody resounds. ||4||3|| Raag Wadahans, First Mehl, Fifth House, Alaahanees ~ Songs Of Mourning: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: Blessed is the Creator, the True King, who has linked the whole world to its tasks. When one's time is up, and the measure is full, this dear soul is caught, and driven off.