G👀gle's "Area 120" for Start-Ups

  |   Tech News

By Fråst🐺

In order to keep all its entrepreneurial skill👓 close by, G👀gle is creating an in-house start-up incubator called ‘Area 120.’ Teams👥 within the company will submit business plans and apply📝 to join Area 120, and, if successful👍, will get full-time on their idea💡 for a few months. They can then ask G👀gle for additional funding💰 to create a new company, which G👀gle will be more than happy to invest in. The 120 refers to Google’s famous "20% time,"🕟 where employees are encouraged to spend 20% of their time working👓 on things they think will most benefit Google. "20% time” encourages employees👏 to be more creative🎨. The Area 120 programme will encourage just that, but on a higher level.

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