Moto G📱 Launches Virat Kohli⭐ Edition

By Shadowfax🐎

Smartphone manufacturers📱 Motorola have launched🚀 a special version of their Moto G Turbo edition in 🇮🇳. The new variant is a tribute to star 🇮🇳 cricketer Virat Kohli👍. Called 'Moto G Turbo Virat Kohli' edition, the Android-based smartphone is similar to the original phone but comes with a 'Virat' emblem😯. It is marketed as a part of the Virat fan box and is priced at ₹16999💰. It is expected to be on sale from the first week of May.
The Virat FanBox comes with a 1-year subscription to the Virat FanBox Club😍, the Moto G Turbo Virat Kohli Edition smartphone, the Virat FanBox app, a miniature bat🏏 autographed by Virat Kohli, and a welcome letter📜 signed by Virat Kohli.
Fan club membership will also give the users a chance to meet Kohli at special events😃, in addition to providing them up to date news📰 concerning Kohli.
Before getting all excited, it is worth noting that the original Moto G Turbo is only priced at ₹12499😏.