Pepe📢:Neymar Crazier😳 Than Me

  |   Football / La Liga / FA Cup / EPL / ISL / UEFA

Pepe😠 has always been making headlines for all the wrong😞 reasons. The Real Madrid👑 player has a reputation for reckless behaviour on the field. Recently, the player dismissed all such notions and claimed that he is not a 😳violent player. He even on went on to say that Barcelona forward Neymar is a more😱 violent player than him. He further said that if he was really crazy, Real Madrid would have offloaded😕 him a long time back. Pepe who has played 20 league matches⚽ this season has been booked 5⃣ times in La Liga while Neymar who has played 31 games saw a yellow card😯 6⃣ times. The Portuguese defender joined Real Madrid🙌 in 2007 from FC Porto.

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