🗳Poll Results: What's your favourite ✍Shakespeare 🎭play?

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Hello Duta culture vultures❗️ Most of you seem to be die hard romantics, your favourite Shakespeare play is the story of doomed love, 'Romeo and Juliet'💔. Although 'Game of Thrones' is very Shakespearian in its tragedy, we have to tell you that William did not author GoT - we were just messing with you 😜. The next most favourite play is 'Macbeth', followed by 'Othello'. None of you were inspired by 'Much Ado About Nothing' or 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', but luckily all of you knew who 🎭Shakespeare was.

The result for the poll: 🎯 🗳What's your favourite ✍Shakespeare 🎭play? are below. (Results in percent)

6⃣3⃣: Romeo and Juliet💔

1⃣6⃣: Game of Thrones😜

1⃣6⃣: Macbeth💀

⬜0⃣: Much Ado About Nothing🌻

⬜0⃣: A Midsummer Night's Dream🐴

⬜5⃣: Othello♖

⬜0⃣: Shake-who❓