China's Empty Promises to 1️⃣-Child👶 Parents‼

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Chinese couples of the eighties were promised health care🏥 by the Chinese Communist party to get them to buy into its one-child policy. However, those parents are unhappy with the government going back on its word😡. On April 16th, around 1700 one-child parents travelled to the National Heath and Family Planning Commission headquarters in Beijing to petition📄 for better social support. They also demanded setting up a new agency that would serve as their legal dependent as hospitals and senior homes⛔ are closing doors on seniors who are without a child to act as a legal guarantor. An increase in the government stipend for families bereaved of their only child was also requested. Public security officials had escorted the petitioning parents to Beijing's Jiujingzhuang petitioner service centre, an extralegal detention facility, or “black jail.”😱 A few who managed to evade arrests have said that the government is trying to suppress the public in spite of the people following procedures. The country changed their policy to 2⃣-👶 family this January. Here is look at how their policy has evolved over the years:
1985:Family Planning Is Good, the Government Provides Senior Care.
1995:Don’t depend on the Government When You Are Old
2012: Postponing Retirement Is Good, Look After Yourself When You Are Old.

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