SC⚖ to Mallya🍻: Disclose Overseas✈ Assets

  |   India News

By Shadowfax🐎

Supreme Court⚖ has on Tuesday refused to entertain liquor baron🍻 Vijay Mallya's plea to keep his overseas assets confidential. The court underscored that his assets should be revealed to the banks for recovery of debts👍. Mallya owes more than ₹9000 crore to a consortium of banks💰. He had fled the country when the banks approached the courts for recovery and is currently in UK😱. The Attorney General👔 said ,"Mallya is a fugitive fleeing from justice. If he really wants to come, a one-way travel permit could have been arranged". Mallya remarked 🔊 "Asking for my overseas assets is a violation of my privacy".

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