Syrian💣 Refugee to Carry 🏅Olympic Torch

  |   India News

A few years back, swimming🏊 in the Euphrates was a part of Ibrahim Al-Hussein's daily📅 routine. But now, the 27-year-old-swimmer from Syria is a refugee living in Greece. The Syrian Civil War💣 took its toll on Ibrahim too, he lost part of his right leg when his neighbourhood was shelled🔫. However, on Tuesday, the whole world🌍 will talk about Ibrahim- the refugee from Syria. He will carry the Olympic Torch on its journey to 2016 Rio 🙌Olympics through the Eleonas refugee camp in Athens . The swimmer who is set to compete at the 2016 Paralympic Games said that he has achieved🎯 more than his dream and stressed on the impact his role will have on refugees. “I will carry the torch for the Syrians too, for asylum seekers around the world, for Greece, for my swimming team,” says Ibrahim. “My goal is to never give up.”

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