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🗳Poll Results: What's your favourite ✍Shakespeare 🎭play?

Hello Duta culture vultures❗️ Most of you seem to be die hard romantics, your favourite Shakespeare play is the story of doomed love, 'Romeo and Juliet'💔. Although 'Game of Thrones' is very Shakespearian in its tragedy, we have to tell you that William did not author GoT - we were just …

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Modi's✌‘Mother of All Govt. Apps’📱

By Fråst🐺

Modi’s✌ government🔸 is heading a project developed by the union ministry of communications and information technology’s national e-governance division💻 (NeGD). It will merge around 200 central, state and local government services onto a single mobile app📱. The NeGD is looking for a partner to roll out …

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