Human👩🏻 Milk Bank Opened in Delhi🌆

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

The 'Amaara' Milk Bank🍼🏦, set up set up Delhi’s 🌆first pasteurised human👩🏻 milk bank on Tuesday to make pasteurised human milk available to infants👶🏻. The milk bank has collaborated with Fortis La Femme, a specialised hospita🏥l for women and infants👶🏻, and non-profit organisation Breast Milk Foundation. Fortis Healthcare CEO👔 Bhavdeep Singh explained that 🇮🇳 faced unique healthcare challenges one of which included the high vulnerability of under-weight pre-term babies👶🏻☹. He said💬, “Providing human breast milk to these fragile neonates can substantially cut the risk of infection and help save their lives. Keeping in mind the physiological inability of the mother in many cases to breastfeed, human milk banks assume great importance.” Although a common global🌍 practice, only 14 such banks🏦 exist in 🇮🇳. The initiative is also in accordance☑ with the WHO’s🌐 Millennium Development Goals to reduce Infant Mortality👶🏻👏.

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