Hrithik Roshan

Intimate Images📷 of Hrithik & Kangana👫 Leaked❗️

This Hrithik and Kangana battle👊 has taken a new turn. A source, we don't know whether it is Hrithik or Kangana or some third party has leaked out some intimate pictures📷 of Hrithik and Kangana at a party. This party was at Arjun Rampal's house🏡. Here is the deal, the …

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Sussanne Hits Back👊 at Media House❗️

Celebrities very rarely get to have a private life😶. Not too long ago it was reported that a source overheard Sussanne Khan talking about the Hrithik-Kangana👊 case. A newspaper put up an article saying 📢"Everyone wants to know what Sussanne is thinking?" Sussanne hit back👊 at the media house and …

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