Salman: 🎥"Sultan" Will be a Blockbuster💥

  |   Salman Khan

Salman💪 Khan believes his upcoming film 🎥"Sultan" will be a blockbuster💥. This superstar🌟 believes that every film needs a good story to impress😍 the audience. Salman made a strong statement and said🔊, "Sultan is a love story and a love story never fails"❤️. Salman also spoke about the intense training👊 he has been undergoing for his role in this film. Salman said🔊, "I am acting to be a wrestler and to act perfectly, you need to do stuff that the real wrestlers do. So, being picked up and being thrown on mat or mitti , it hurts me as much it hurts them. Also, picking them up and throwing them is a painful exercise. When they have a match, it's for about half an hour but I am shooting all day." We are super excited🙌 for this film are you❓

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