Shocking😱 News About Kangana Revealed❗

  |   India News / Hrithik Roshan / Bollywood

Kangana's 💔ex-boyfriend Adhyayan Suman said that he can sympathise with Hrithik as he knows the kind of person Kangana is🤐. He is finally opening up about his past because he says he has moved on from the trauma he faced😣. Suman said that Kangana was very eccentric, abusive and always wanted her way😶. She was manipulative, and physically & emotionally abusive😳 even to his parents. Adhyayan said🔊 during Hrithik's birthday, "I brought flowers and an expensive champagne. We were sitting and talking when Hrithik walked in. She cut me abruptly, picked up my flowers and champagne and handed it to him saying, “Happy birthday! This is from me for you.” She didn’t even introduce me." Suman was left alone with a drink in my hand saddened, he got a little high. He narrates, "I was standing at the bar alone when Kangana walked up to me said some actor at the party was trying to grab her a. I felt protective towards her but I was at someone’s house and creating a scene would be rude so I told her, ‘Let’s go.’ She went back to doing her thing. Later she came and told me let’s go right now. I was walking down the stairs with her, when she turned around and slapped me! She said, 'Mother Fu, behen! Bhsd*ke! You are f*** jealous of my success!' The intensity of the slap was so hard I was almost crying."😔 Adhyayan also admitted to seeing over 60 emails📧 from Kangana to Hrithik in her desperation to get to know him. He wanted to get out of the relationship quick but she had a hold on him😐.

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