Tanuj's Mom Was Apprehensive of 🎥"ONS"

  |   Sunnyleone

When a film is called 🎥"One Night Stand" it is bound to raise eyebrows🤔. Recently actor Tanuj Virwani was asked if his mother Rati Agnihotri had an issue with this bold movie that also stars⭐️ Sunny☀️ Leone in it. Tanuj said that it wasn't the subject that got her worked up but the title of the film🎥. He said that once he explained the story to his mom she was fine. Tanuj said🔊, "I assured her that I've read the script which has a lot of meat for me to sink my teeth into and it's not going to be just another Sunny Leone film." Tanuj also shared a funny😂 moment with his mom, he said🔊, "Moms are cute and embarrassing sometimes. When the trailer came out she shared it on social media saying, "Hey guys enjoy the new trailer and my son is looking 'super-hot'." I told her not to say such things. She is very proud of me."😆 The film is set to release on May 6.

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