FB’s👤 New Pro-Zuckerberg😎 Stock

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By Fråst🐺

As part of its earnings release, Facebook👤 announced📢 that it would add a class of non-voting stock which will keep Mark Zuckerberg😎 in control of the company. The company said that the proposal is designed to create a capital structure💰 which will focus on Mark’s long-term vision👁 for Facebook by keeping him in an active leadership role. People👥 who are buying the “Class C” stock will not have any voting rights🚫🗳, giving Zuckerberg, increased control and protection 🛡from agitated investors😡, should FB's👤 investments ever go south📉. This also enable him to focus on Facebook’s core strategy💡, and means that Mark can make some major decisions, like buying WhatsApp for $19 bn without anyone interfering in his methods. Meanwhile, FB👤 reached 1.65 bn monthly users👥, surpassing estimates in its Q1 2016 earnings report📄. This amounts to 💲5.38 billion 💰in revenue and 💲0.77 earnings per share. Facebook’s share price climbed📈 more than 8⃣% after earnings were announced, rocketing to more than 💲117 in after-hours trading.

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