Do We Need VR🕶 Bed-time Stories📖❔📹:

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By Fråst🐺

Samsung is bringing VR🕶 to children with VR bed-time stories📖 that parents can enjoy with their kids, even if they’re miles away✈❕ It’s really quite fantastic the way the future of tech👓 is merging into our personal lives and being able to watch it do so in this generation👫. However, there are some concerns😕 with this, even though Samsung has done a wonderful job connecting children and parents together👪. It’s considered a bad health move these days to stare at LCDs💻 right before bed-time🌙, and the technology right now, without any blue-light🔵 filtering, doesn’t seem a sensible move. The interactivity of the stories too can excite children👻 instead of helping them relax and fall asleep😴. Finally, there are very few studies🔎 on how VR and early childhood👧🏻 go with each other, seeing as it’s so new. You decide💭 in the end; some might say that good old-fashioned story books📖 should really never be let go of. 📹:

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